#Nurture1415 went along these lines:

The coming year

  1. Well, I need to know access arrangements like the back of my hand.
  2. I want to read at least 1 research paper/journal article each week, both to expand my mind and to give me something to blog about!
  3. Continue with my SEND advocacy work.
  4. Do at least 2 Future Learn courses if I don’t embark on more PG study.
  5. Start to write a research proposal to decide whether to pitch for a Doctorate, or do another Masters.
  6. Attend my graduation ceremony at Ely Cathedral in May.

So how did I do?

  • Well, I pretty much have this – but like everyone, I’m not perfect so I do reference the JCQ regs as and when I need to query something
  • Perhaps a tad over-ambitious? I did read some papers….
  • Yep, still going strong and I’ve nearly completed my ‘intermediate’ modules
  • I did start a Future Learn course, but I’ve simply been too busy
  • Doctorate proposal submitted!
  • Graduation done & photos posted.


So what should I be looking to do next year?

Unfortunately, my new job has lost its sparkle. I find myself in the same position I was before when doing supply teaching. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. If I assess a student who meets JCQs definition of ‘learning difficulties’ (based on the Reasonable Adjustments duty contained within the Equality Act), it can only be fair and reasonable for those students to be appropriately supported. More often than not, this is the provision of assistive technology – a laptop or similar. A tablet costs £150, so there really can’t be an argument that the adjustment is unreasonable, even if you added another £50 worth of tech. I also doubt that the college would have a leg to stand on if a parent or Young Person decided to make a claim for discrimination under the EqA – educational establishments beware!

At this time, I don’t know what I intend to do about this but I suspect things will be somewhat different in twelve months time.

I have no idea if my EdD proposal will be accepted, and if it isn’t, whether I will apply to other universities, whether I will refine and re-apply or if I’ll do the research off my own back anyway. I will know more in April.

I will, of course, continue with the advocacy work. I really can’t see the need for my services is likely to reduce over the next year – such a shame as the SEND reforms ought to be making me redundant!

In short, all I can really offer by the way of aims, resolutions, goals or any other suitable descriptor are the following:

  1. I will continue to do my advocacy and continue to improve my legal knowledge
  2. I will continue my switch from reading research papers to actual books (why didn’t I think of this before?)
  3. I will attend at least one, if not 2, conferences in 2016!

Short list, but I am a tad up in the air at the moment…


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