Warning: politics alert!

For the first time I find myself with a General Election looming and I don’t want any of the parties to win. I didn’t watch the debate with the ‘contenders’, but I did see clips on the news just afterwards – and some of Question Time. I had to agree with Piers Morgan, what a shocker! But, when he did finally speak, he summed it up perfectly. Why would anyone want to vote for any party? (I don’t know what else he said as I went to bed…)

I’m scared. Labour turned any deal with the SNP down flat and the Conservatives may get in to bed with UKIP. The Liberals, Greens etc won’t get a majority so it looks like we’re all going to be in the shit – unless the ladies collectively gain enough votes to power share together! Goodness, how would that work out? Can it work out?

It seems to me that whatever we vote, some jumped up public schoolboy with no clue about ‘normal’ or ‘average’ life is like will be running the country by the end of next month. Even worse, someone with a completely unreal idea of what it’s like as a parent of a child with SEN/D. Now, I’ll quite happily put my hand up and say that, although I had to quit work, things never got financially or emotionally desperate. Hubby being hubby, just left me to get on with it all, relieved that he no longer had to cook in the evenings! In other words, we never had the types of stresses on us that result in relationships splitting up. However, my life is somewhat closer to those who are really struggling, than it is to Cameron, Miliband et al. Additionally, I talk to stressed parents each and every week. Rarely do I speak to those from the Camiliband paddock, but frequently I speak to mothers in tears and fathers attempting to advocate in a female-heavy environment.

Trying to make your voice heard in today’s world of SEN/D is incredibly disempowering. Trying to survive on benefits because your employer had to let you go, is disempowering. Being signed off due your own increasing/emerging disability, is disempowering. I wondered if people were being taken for a ride was due to their own unwillingness to get vocal, but that’s simply untrue. Well-educated, grown adults call the helpline distressed at the level of disempowerment. There’s a theme here, and it’s not positive.

There’s one area of common ground that all but one of the political parties seem to be in agreement – the one remaining party has some terrifically awful opinions – UKIP. They are constantly courting infamy. This week one of their candidates suggested that our kids should be terminated as soon as they are identified (in the womb) as being a burden to their parents and the state. There’s only one other public mouthpiece worse than UKIP at the moment and that is Katie Hopkins, who’d send gunboats not rescue ships to immigrants and refers to asylum seekers as ‘feral humans’. It seems that our Katie doesn’t like being upstaged by UKIP candidates. I’m not totally sure what she’s got to be jealous of……

What’s being played out in the media at this time is revolting and an incredibly sad reflection on the human race. Add this to the arguments over zero tolerance and feral kids and you get to understand what’s being played out in our classrooms. During one degree we covered Reggio Emilia schools and I thought how nice it would be if our schools – of all ages and stages – were set up along similar lines. The idea of communities, children learning how to be adults by experiencing mini-versions of the adult world around them, was appealing. Now I realise that we have this. Adults behaving badly produces children behaving badly. I’m not talking of poor parenting, I’m talking at the whole-society level.

Politicians in general appear to have completely lost touch with the reality that normal folk live in, and sanction us for not being them. Those requiring assistance from the state are sanctioned for being ill. Too many schools sanction their pupils for having SEN/D. What are we teaching our kids? Eventually we will all be sanctioned for being old – a bit too late then for politicians to realise that they were wrong. The kids will sanction them.


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