Not sure what this is all about, being new to all this ‘n’ all, but I think it goes along the lines of – what did I do in 2014, what do I aspire to do in 2015?


Back in October 2012, I embarked on a postgraduate course in literacy development. At the time I was teaching Foundation Learning & Skills for Life at a local agricultural college (a 2 year ITT placement, partly voluntary). It seemed that great many of my learners had issues with literacy and I wanted to improve my practice. December 2013 brought the news that I’d passed.

A pass meant that I had completed the theory aspect for applying to the BDA to gain AMBDA, so in February 2014 I set out for a very wet Milton Keynes (flooding across the UK) to attend the day school kick-off.

I found out just before Christmas that I’d passed the practical & can now apply to the BDA.

2. MEd

The literacy course was my 2nd module for a MEd. I started my final module (research) in October 2013 & found out that I passed at the end of November 2014. My MEd is officially conferred on 31st December.

3. Supply teaching

I didn’t return to college after passing my PGCE. Not sure if anyone noticed. To be honest, I’m not sure if my bosses knew who I was or what I was doing, even though I made myself useful & provided cover at short notice. They wouldn’t even ok a £20 exam for CPD as they’d spent it all, apparently. I’d have paid for the beggar myself if they’d have told me. I signed up with a supply agency instead. I taught from Yr1 through to Yr13. Secondary teaching was mainly maths. No surprise there as I hear there’s a shortage of maths teachers……

4. Children & Families Act training

I trained, retrained & trained again, or at least that’s how it seemed. Training was courtesy of IPSEA because if you want to know about SEND reforms, just go straight to the best!

5. A new job

I spotted an advert in the summer for a Heath & Social Care tutor, 9hrs p/w. It sounded ideal. My 2nd degree is H&SC & although I hadn’t taught it as a subject, I had to go for it. The hours really suited too. I got the job! I get the feeling that there wasn’t many applicants, but why would I care? I could teach a subject I could get my teeth into, influence the way that students conceptualise difference & hopefully help to break down barriers. I took the books home & started prepping thoughtful & active lessons over the holidays. I started in the September with an afternoon learning about enrolment and was made redundant on my 2nd morning. Not enough students = a shrinking of college staff.

6. Another new job

I’d asked at a more local college about borrowing a couple of students for my AMBDA course during the year. The lady I spoke to appeared amazed that she’d been seeking someone with my qualifications & I happened to walk in the door. I’d just accepted the job above & so was very unsure. Fate played its hand & I started in the October.

I’m now a SpLD tutor & feel like I’ve come full-circle from the start of the year. I have learned a lot & I need to learn a lot more. The important bit? I’m happy 🙂

The coming year

1. Well, I need to know access arrangements like the back of my hand.

2. I want to read at least 1 research paper/journal article each week, both to expand my mind and to give me something to blog about!

3. Continue with my SEND advocacy work.

4. Do at least 2 Future Learn courses if I don’t embark on more PG study.

5. Start to write a research proposal to decide whether to pitch for a Doctorate, or do another Masters.

6. Attend my graduation ceremony at Ely Cathedral in May.


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