It begins.

I’ve been pondering on the idea of blogging for a while. I’ve blogged with the OU before, but only as public as fellow OU students. It is a scary thought that my words can be seen by anyone who happens by, so I’d better be careful in what I say!

We all have different opinions, it’s all part of the diversity of the human race isn’t it? Let’s see how all this goes.

I’m not really up and running as yet as I need to get used to this interface etc. but I will post soon. I shall start at the beginning – me – after all, to understand where someone is coming from, we need to know where they’ve been! I sometimes do this when reading a research paper, or investigating an eminent person’s views. Why did John Bowlby, for example, come to his conclusions about attachment? How much of them stemmed from his own childhood experiences?

I have great intentions, but they may not come to anything. I intend to share my musings over social practices, particularly around the world of SEND. I’ll try not to bore…..


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